Sanitation Challenge for Ghana

Transforming livelihoods of Ghana’s urban centres

Towns and cities are rapidly expanding across the developing world, with authorities often unable to meet growing demand for increased and improved sanitation services, especially in small towns and peri-urban areas. The goal of this challenge is to improve sanitation services for low-income customers in local authorities across Ghana.

The prize will reward municipalities who successfully develop and implement innovative integrated urban sanitation plans. Winning plans will combine a mix of network and non-network sanitation systems so as to offer suitable and affordable services to all city inhabitants, although the focus will be particularly on non-network solutions.

Despite significant progress in the last few decades, growth in access to sustainable water and sanitation (WASH) services is not keeping up with population growth.

While the WASH sector has witnessed substantial innovation in the last few years, most innovations have been deployed on a pilot basis by international NGOs or social entrepreneurs and have yet to be scaled up.

GBP 1.43 million for the best sanitation strategies

In 2016 Duapa Award recognised 21 Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies for their urban liquid waste management strategies. Three District Assemblies received an award of up to 75,000 GBP.  

The Dignified City Award will be awarded in December 2018.

To learn more about the prize, the winning innovations and how to become involved please visit the prize website.