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climate change


The Challenge

Ideas to Impact is an action-research programme designing, implementing and testing innovation prizes, to induce innovative solutions to development challenges in Climate Change Adaptation, Energy Access and WASH.

Through our early research we found that innovation prizes could represent an important new way of supporting successful climate change adaptation. Innovation prizes can help to catalyse new solutions in ways that other funding mechanisms cannot, and reach poor social groups that fall outside conventional funding. What can innovation prizes do for climate change adaptation?

  • Leverage more adaptation funding
  • Promote diversity to tackle complexity
  • Put local-level actors in the lead
  • Influence policy and raise awareness
  • Build communities of practice –

With this in mind, we have designed and are implementing two climate change adaptation prizes…


The Prizes

Adaptation at Scale

Adaptation at Scale logo

Through financial rewards, the Adaptation at Scale Prize aims to identify and reward new and innovative ways to scale up and expand the reach of community driven climate change adaptation initiatives in Nepal.

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Climate Information Prize

Climate Information Prize logo

The Climate Information Prize awards cash prizes to entrepreneurs and innovators who come up with new solutions that use climate information in some way to supports vulnerable individuals, households and communities in Kenya.

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