The Prizes

Ideas to Impact is designing, implementing and testing five innovation prizes focused on inducing innovative solutions to development challenges in Climate Change Adaptation, Energy Access and WASH.

Find quick links below to each of the Prizes:

Adaptation at scale logo

Adaptation at Scale (Nepal)

For successfully bringing local adaptation innovations to scale. 


Climate Information Prize

Climate Information Prize (Kenya)

For demand-driven actionable climate change information that enables low-income consumers to access the information they need to cope with climate change. 


Dreampipe II logo

Dreampipe (DFID Target Countries)

For an innovative financing and contractual arrangement to reduce non-revenue water.

Linkedin Working Group

GLEAP logo

Energy Access (DFID Target Countries)

A series of prizes to boost the liquid petroleum gas market for clean cooking and reduce harm from indoor air pollution.

Check out the winners of the Cylinder Prize (the first prize under this theme) here

Sanitation Challenge for Ghana

Sanitation Challenge for Ghana (Ghana)

To find improved integrated sanitation solutions for municipalities across Ghana.