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The Climate Information Prize awarded cash prizes to entrepreneurs and innovators who came up with new solutions that used climate information in some way to support vulnerable individuals, households and communities in Kenya.

The climate can have adverse effects on individuals and communities, especially where livelihoods are based on weather dependent resources. Better access and usability of products and services informed by climate information is one of the ways to help those individuals and communities better tackle climate related risks.

A lot of climate information is already available, but not in formats that communities can make use of. There is therefore an opportunity to use climate information to develop innovative solutions that help the vulnerable adapt to climate variability and change.

By awarding cash awards, the Climate Information Prize (CIP) encouraged the design and development of such solutions.

The Prizes

The Climate Information Prize consisted of two main prizes.

The Wazo Prize, which is closed, awarded applicants with innovative ideas about how to address the climate information challenge. The aim of this prize was to incentivise people/organisations to come up with innovative solutions.

Read about the Wazo Prize winners here

The Tekeleza Prize, which closed in November 2018, was a results based prize. It awarded a total of over USD 500,000 in prizes to seven organisations that demonstrated the biggest impact with their solution over the period of the prize. Applicants who entered this prize were expected to provide evidence of the impact their idea had, which was verified before the award was given.

Click here for the press release.

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