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The Adaptation at Scale Prize offers financial rewards for innovative solutions to scale-up climate change adaptation in Nepal.

Climate related risks can have negative effects on individuals and households, especially among the poorest and most marginalised groups.  

In Nepal, there are already a number of community driven initiatives that exist, are being implemented and changing lives, and helping people respond to current and expected climate change risks. The benefits could be huge, if awareness is of those initiatives is increased, if more people are able to access them and if people can use them to change the way they live and respond to climate change.  

Through financial rewards, the Adaptation at Scale Prize aims to identify and reward new and innovative ways to scale up and expand the reach of community driven climate change adaptation initiatives. 

The Prize

Winners of the prize will receive the following benefits: 

  • Financial rewards - win a share of the total prize fund of  GBP 487,500 
  • Recognition and promotion – showcase your initiative through the Adaptation at Scale networks and Rewards Ceremony 
  • Increase your reach and impact – successful applicants have the chance to go on to Stage 2 and implement their initiative on a larger scale 

Stage 1 - Protsahan Prize (completed)

The Protsahan Prize recognises successful initiatives that have supported adaptation to climate change among the poorest and most vulnerable groups, and rewards innovative plans to expand them (scale-up). Applicants had to present a plan showing how they can expand the reach of their initiative  by using new and innovative ways of working. The ideas had to be new, and not part of an already funded activity. Submissions were judged by an independent panel. 

Stage one closed in September 2016, with winners receiving a share of the GBP 150,000 prize purse.

Read about Stage 1 winners here


Stage 2 - Karyanwayein Prize 

Karyanwayein Prizes were awarded to applicants who have successfully implemented their plan to scale-up. They must be able to prove that they have achieved positive outcomes for poor and vulnerable communities in strengthening their ability to adapt beyond existing plans.

The Prize was launched in December 2016. 

Winners will receive a share of  a GBP 325,000 prize purse.


Visit the Adaptation at Scale website for more details


Ideas to Impact Adaptation at Scale prize is implemented by our partner IDS Nepal