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The Climate Information prize will support the development of innovative and demand-driven methods for communicating climate change information to make it more useful for the poorest groups of society.

Winning methods will put these 'bottom of the pryamid' (BoP) users in control and enable them to access the information they need in order to deal with climate uncertainty and risk.

The prize will focus on connecting actors (information users, science, government, private sector, intermediaries) in a way that leaves the BoP in control over the information that is generated, and services provided, driven by the articulated needs of the BoP.

The geographic focus of the prize will be Kenya. By building the capacity of BoP users to articulate their needs, and developing mechanisms to respond to and learn from those needs within public and private climate sectors, the aim is that the intervention will lead to strengthened adaptive capacity of the poorest and most vulnerable communities within Kenya, as well as generating lessons for how climate information can be made more useful for the poorest in other developing countries, and their implications for governance and policy.

Without concerted global action to develop adaptation solutions, the risks posed by climate change may undermine those development gains made in recent decades.

Strengthening adaptation is particularly critical in developing countries, where people's lives and livelihoods are most vulnerable to shocks and stressors such as erratic rainfall, droughts, floods and cyclones.