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Water tap
Ideas to Impact at the WEDC Conference
Gabrielle Minkley | 03 August

Ideas to Impact recently hosted a side-event at WEDC to share how innovation prizes can be used for developing sustainable WASH services. July 2017 saw the

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Dreampipe II: Phase 1 Winners Announced!
Ideas to Impact Team | 09 June

Eight innovative initiatives for financing non-revenue water reduction have won awards under Phase 1 of The Dreampipe Challenge. The eight winners have been

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Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition
Ideas to Impact Team | 18 January

Refrigeration holds unique potential to unlock economic and social progress for the 600 million people living off the grid in sub-Saharan Africa. Refrigeration

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Nepal street art
Adaptation at Scale - Stage 1 Protsahan Winners Announced
Admin | 21 December

We were seeking existing community driven projects that are already achieving positive results, but who want to scale-up their success to reach more people and

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Dreampipe II now open for registrations
Ideas to Impact Team | 21 October

On Friday, October 21, Dreampipe II launched at the International Water Association Water Ideas 2016 Conference in Bologna. The objective of Dreampipe II is to

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LEAP Award
Global LEAP Competition for World’s Most Innovative Off-Grid Refrigerators Launched
Ideas to Impact Team | 22 September

The Ideas to Impact Programme is the latest partner in the Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition. The Competition aims to spark innovation for

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Burning Gas
The Cylinder Prize – what happened next?
Ideas to Impact Team | 23 August

Many of you may have wondered why no country was specified when we launched the Ideas to Impact Cylinder Prize. It inevitably made defining the problem harder

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Dreampipe Challenge announces winners of stage one
Ideas to Impact Team | 29 July

Stage One of the Dreampipe prize competition (as part of our WASH prize theme) was designed to explore the potential range of solutions, involving financing,

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Three Assemblies top the Duapa Award in Ghana
Ideas to Impact Team | 30 June

The Jasikan District has been selected as the winner of the Duapa Award at a ceremony in Accra International Conference Centre in Ghana. The Atiwa and the

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Adaptation at Scale Prize launched in Nepal!
Ideas to Impact Team | 05 May

Climate related risks can have negative effects on individuals and households, especially among the poorest and most marginalised groups. In Nepal, there are

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Winners announced for Wazo Prize
Ideas to Impact Team | 11 April

The 1st place Wazo Prize winner has been selected with Sam Owilly of Pawa Farm receiving his Kshs. 1,500,000 cash prize from James Kongoti, Director of the

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winners story
Winners announced for Ideas to Impact Cylinder Prize
Ideas to Impact Team | 18 January

Download our shareable newsflash here The Ideas to Impact programme is pleased to announce the winners for the Cylinder prize as part of the Energy Access

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