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Lorenza Geronimo | 05 May

Kigali, Rwanda, May 5, 2020 - As the culmination of the activities under the African Drone Forum 2020, we are proud to announce the winners of the Lake Kivu

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UK Aid-funded Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge winners announced
Lorenza Geronimo | 20 November

We are pleased to announce the winners of stage 2 of the UK Aid-funded Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC). The OGCCC is an international

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ADF 2020
Rwanda to host African Drone Forum and Flying Competitions in February 2020
Lorenza Geronimo | 05 September

The Government of Rwanda, in partnership with the World Bank, UK Aid, the World Economic Forum and others will host the 2020 African Drone Forum.  The African

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Kumasi Assembly
Sanitation Challenge for Ghana rewards excellence in urban liquid waste management
Lorenza Geronimo | 29 July

On Wednesday 24 July 2019, we announced the winners of the Dignified City Award, the second and last stage of the UK Aid-funded Sanitation Challenge for Ghana

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A@S winners
Ten Nepalese NGOs awarded cash prizes for innovation in climate adaptation
Lorenza Geronimo | 24 May

The winners of the Karyanwayan Prize, the last stage of the UK Aid-funded Adaptation at Scale (A@S) prize, were announced on Thursday 23 May 2019 during an

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UK Aid through Ideas to Impact starts supporting the Lake Victoria Challenge
Lorenza Geronimo | 01 March

We are delighted to announce that the UK Department for International Development through Ideas to Impact has joined forces with the Regional Government of

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1st place winner
Kenya’s top 7 climate innovators awarded over $500K for initiatives to increase resilience
Lorenza Geronimo | 30 November

On 29 November, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, we announced the seven winners of the Tekeleza Prize during an award ceremony. We awarded these

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fridge user
Winner of Off-Grid Refrigerator Innovation Prize for Appropriate Design and User Experience announced
Lorenza Geronimo | 08 November

KIGALI, RWANDA – On 8 November 2018, at the Unlocking Solar Capital Africa conference, the Scaling Off-Grid Energy (SOGE) Grand Challenge for Development

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10 innovative tech companies receive £10,000 each in UK Aid-funded Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge
Lorenza Geronimo | 03 August

We are excited to announce the ten finalists of the Global LEAP Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC), which is funded by UK aid delivered by the Department

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Dreampipe II winner
Dreampipe Challenge - Phase II winners announced
Lorenza Geronimo | 21 May

On 9 May 2018, within the International Water Association’s Water Loss Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the winners of the Dreampipe Challenge were

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UK Aid-funded competition to stimulate off-grid cold chain technology launched
Lorenza Geronimo | 28 March

The Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge aims to identify and promote the world’s best and most energy-efficient off-grid cold chain technology.   Yesterday in

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Global LEAP
Global LEAP’s Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition and Innovation Prize Winners Announced
Lorenza Geronimo | 22 January

HONG KONG – Today at the Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo, the Scaling Off-Grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development (SOGE) announced the results of the

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