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Who is funding Ideas to Impact?

Ideas to Impact is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), from the Research and Evidence Division.

Consortium Partners

IMC Worldwide

As Ideas to Impact consortium lead, and one of the world’s leading international development consultancies, IMC Worldwide aims to empower the poor and disadvantaged in low- and middle-income countries by enabling them to connect more productively and sustainably with the services and resources they need to realise their potential.

The Blue Globe

As the Ideas to Impact Prize lead, The Blue Globe is a small, boutique open-innovation consultancy specialising in Grand Challenges, Recognition and Inducement Prizes, SME support, Energy Access and Fostering Innovation. They work with partners to explore ideas and create platforms for innovative solutions to bring about wide-scale change.

Energy 4 Impact

Leading on Ideas to Impact Energy Access prize, Energy 4 Impact is a non-profit organisation working with local businesses to extend access to energy in Africa, impacting the quality of life for millions of people. Growing sustainable clean energy markets improves livelihoods and accelerates economic growth.

Institute of Development Studies

Leading on Ideas to Impact Climate Change Adaptation prizes, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) is a leading global institution for development research, teaching and learning, and impact and communications, based at the University of Sussex.

Itad Ltd

Ideas to Impact Evaluation lead, Itad provide insight and ideas to drive more effective use of resources in international development. Itad as an organisation monitor and evaluate what works, where and why.

Implementing Partners

IRC Ghana

Implementing the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana prize, IRC has worked with stakeholders in Ghana since the 1990s, with the aim of improving delivery of water and sanitation services. Central to IRC Ghana’s work is identifying areas in service delivery that need improvement. They work with government, development partners, private sector organisations, NGOs and research institutions to diagnose underlying causes of failure of water systems, and together generate alternative solutions and ideas.

Integrated Development Society (IDS) Nepal

Leading the Adaptation at Scale prize, the Integrated Development Society Nepal (IDS-Nepal) is a non-profit and non-governmental development organization; established by young and energetic professionals having knowledge and experience in the fields of engineering, energy, environment, policy making, health, sanitation, capacity development and social development.


Leading the implementation of the Climate Information Prize in Kenya, Cardno have a 50-year history of working in partnership with developing countries to deliver solutions for sustainable development. Through the expertise of professionals operating in more than 100 countries, they investigate the causes of poverty and focus on improving the physical, economic and social infrastructure that sustains communities.

Meet the team

Alex Scoines
Prize Manager and Programme Manager at Ideas to Impact

Alex leads on Programme Management for Ideas to Impact and manages Adaptation at Scale, the Climate Information Prize, and the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana.

With 12 years of experience managing worldwide projects and programmes for a variety of donors as well as working in good governance, institutional development and capacity building within government departments across the world.

Bryony Everett
Programme Director at Ideas to Impact

Leading the strategic and technical direction of the programme, Bryony is a programme manager with 20 years’ experience managing large scale development projects targeting benefits to the poorest and most marginalised communities across Asia, Africa and Latin America, specialising in inclusive and grassroots innovation.

Chris Shugart
Non-revenue water technical lead at the Dreampipe Challenge
Dave Wilson
Evaluation and Learning Lead

Leading the Ideas to Impact prize evaluation and learning, Dave has 10 years of experience designing, managing and delivering environmental and climate change projects in the UK and overseas. Along with delivering multi-country research projects including development of robust methodology protocols and monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Froeydis Gording
Prize Manager at The Dreampipe Challenge

At IMC, Froeydis has undertaken cost-benefit analysis, financial analysis, PPP research and advisory, in addition to programme management roles and co-leading on IMC’s first ‘Governance and Sustainability’ report.

Jonathan Slater
Prize Lead

Jonathan is a highly experienced innovation consultant with an in-depth knowledge of global and local innovation process, with particular focus on international development with over 10 years’ experience in the innovation field.

Kwame Asiedu Asubonteng

Leading the implementation of the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana, working with the implementing agent IRC Ghana. Kwame is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Water, Sanitation and Environmental Management Specialist with over 22 years progressive professional experience working with Government, Private Sector, NGOs and Development Partners.

Lars Otto Naess
Climate Change Adaptation Technical Lead

With 20 years’ experience of research on climate change, development and agriculture. Lars research focuses on social and institutional dimensions of adaptation to climate change, policy processes on climate change and agriculture at national and sub-national levels, the role of local knowledge for adaptation to climate change, and adaptation planning in the context of international development.

Lorenza Geronimo
Communications Manager at Ideas to Impact

Lorenza leads on Ideas to Impact communications, sharing information and knowledge about prize developments and programme learning. A multilingual professional with experience across five countries, Lorenza focuses on strategy, digital storytelling, knowledge management, outreach and community management.

Makena Ireri
Energy Access Prize Manager

Managing the Energy Access innovation prizes, and based at Energy 4 Impact. Makena has an engineering background with experience of the UK energy market and development experience working with clean energy SMEs in East Africa.

Nicki Spence
Climate Information Prize Manager

Leading the implementation of the Climate Information Prize, with our implementing partner Cardno in Kenya. A senior manager of the Cardno East Africa Office, she oversees the Project Management Unit providing managerial and technical support and motivating and training staff to deliver to a high standard.

Sarba Khadka
Adaptation at Scale Prize Manager

Leading the implementation of the Adaptation at Scale prize in Nepal, with our implementing partner the Integrated Development Society (IDS) Nepal. Sarba is experienced in development politics and policies as a development practitioner, researcher, human rights defender, academician and social activist.

Simon Collings
Energy Access Technical Lead

Director of Learning and Innovation at Energy4Impact (formerly GVEP International), a non-profit assisting SMEs which provide energy products and services to off grid communities in Africa. They provide business advice, technical assistance and arrange finance.