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  • Stage two applicants from across the world

Since 2015, when the first of the Ideas to Impact innovation prizes launched, we have watched as each of the five innovation prizes has stimulated innovative solutions to climate change challenges in Kenya and Nepal, energy access in Ghana, new business plans for non-revenue water problems in low-income countries, and innovative liquid-waste management strategies to tackle sanitation issues in Ghana.

Each of the Ideas to Impact prizes was designed in stages, with stage 1 devised to recognise and reward applicants for their innovative ideas to tackle a specific challenge. Stage 1 prizes include:

The next stage in the competitions is all about implementation and application of those ideas. The infographic above shows the spread of prize applicants and ideas that are currently being implemented and are competing to win one of the Ideas to Impact innovation prizes.

  • Ghana: 17 MMDAs are contending to win the competition for implementing the most innovative and impactful liquid waste management strategy in the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana.
  • Kenya: 25 innovators are in the running to win the Tekeleza Prize, with up to $200,000 as a reward, for helping communities use climate information to build resilience to climate change.
  • Nepal: 38 applicants are competing in the Adaptation at Scale prize, to scale up or scale out their climate change adaptation initiatives.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: 8 applicants competing in phase 2 of The Dreampipe Challenge are demonstrating their innovative plans for tackling non-revenue water problems in a number of countries, including Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia.
  • Global: the next prize under the energy access theme, the Global LEAP Awards, has attracted innovators from across the world including Bangladesh, China, India and Swaziland, to develop new ideas for off-grid refrigeration in low-income countries.

With over 100 initiatives and ideas currently being developed and implemented, it’s exciting to see how these new solutions will lead to change, and hopefully impact people who are living with these challenges in low-income countries.

Keep watching to hear news of how the applicants apply their ideas, and who the winners are of the five innovation prizes in 2019.

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