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In Nepal, there is no shortage of community-driven initiatives to respond to real and expected climate change risks. However, they are often limited to one geographic area or a few communities. The Adaptation at Scale prize, which is run by Ideas to Impact with UK Aid funding, encourages and rewards new ways to expand their reach. 

Tackling climate change adaptation with a competition, instead of a conventional grant, is new and entails specific benefits and challenges. Most importantly, it has provided us with a wealth of knowledge and learning.

In the short video above, Prize Team Leader Dr Madhav Karki takes stock of the prize so far.

Dr Madhav Karki is the Executive Director of the Centre for Green Economy Development, Nepal (CGED-Nepal) and advisor to IDS-Nepal, SIAS and ABARI. He serves as the Deputy Chair of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), and is member of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel, IPBES/UN, and of IPBES Task Force on Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK TF). He is also an expert member of the Environment Protection Council, Government of Nepal.

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