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Phase 1 of our non-revenue water prize sees eight concepts win £30,000

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Eight innovative initiatives for financing non-revenue water reduction have won awards under Phase 1 of The Dreampipe Challenge.

The eight winners have been awarded £30,000 each and the opportunity to go onto Phase 2 of The Dreampipe Challenge, where they will implement their business plans to demonstrate the feasibility project approach in practice.

All the winning ideas are focused on Sub-Saharan African countries, including Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria.

The Dreampipe Challenge is a prize to induce practical and replicable ideas for expanding the financing available for non-revenue-water (NRW) reduction activities in developing countries. The ‘tournament prize’ is set out in three phases, with the final winners having the opportunity to win £150,000 each.

Dreampipe II Phase 1 Winners Are:

Aguas de Regiao de Maputo, Mozambique

Integrated Water Resources International (IWRI): working with Ghana Water Company Ltd, Accra

Michael Goldblatt : working with Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), Uganda

Nkana Water and Sewerage Company (NWSC), Zambia

Upande Ltd: working with Nakura Rural Water & Sanitation Co

Weircapacity Ltd: working with Kaduna State Water Corporation in Kaduna, Nigeria

WRP Consulting Engineers: working with City of Tshwane (South Africa) and SA Breweries


For more details of the winners and The Dreampipe Challenge please visit the prize website

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