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  • Wazo Prize winner

This blog post was authored by Ideas to Impact team members Lars Otto Naess, Nicki Spence and Lorenza Geronimo and was originally published by Climatelinks, a global knowledge portal for USAID staff, implementing partners, and the broader community working at the intersection of climate change and international development.

One of the challenges in efforts to adapt to climate change is the gap between the large amount of climate information available from meteorological services and people who may use it to cope with climate shocks and stressors.

Despite considerable improvements in the availability and quality of climate information over the past two decades and large investments in outreach, significant gaps remain in making this information accessible and useable. These gaps are particularly large for the poorest and most vulnerable groups in developing countries.

The Climate Information Prize (CIP) in Kenya is an effort to help bridge this gap through the use of financial awards to those who develop innovative solutions to this problem. Set up in 2015, CIP is part of the UK Aid-funded Ideas to Impact programme, which also runs prizes on energy access and water, sanitation and health.

Click here to read the full blog post on Climatelinks website

Cover photo: Sam Owilly took the first place in CIP's Wazo Prize in April 2016.

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