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Energy access
Halfway through our energy access competition: what have we learnt?
Lorenza Geronimo | 19 March 2018

In this blog post, we explore the lessons learnt so far from the Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition, whose first stage ended in January. This blog post was co-

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Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo Hong Kong
Six key achievements of our energy access competition
Lorenza Geronimo | 14 March 2018

The award of stage one of the Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition in January has provided us with the opportunity to reflect on the outcomes achieved so far.

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Cover photo
Ideas to Impact at Kenya Meteorological Society conference
Lorenza Geronimo | 06 March 2018

From 20 to 22 February 2018, Stephen Mutimba, from our Climate Information Prize (CIP) team, attended the 13th Kenya Meteorological Society (KMS) International

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Photo by Charles Koh on Unsplash
What has the Evaluation team discovered so far about the Ideas to Impact prizes?
Ideas to Impact Team | 18 December 2017

While the Evaluation and Learning team’s main focus will be Ideas to Impact’s longer-term prizes or stage 2, we have been looking at what happened with stage 1

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Stage two applicants from across the world
Ideas to Impact prize applicants implementing innovative ideas across the world
Lorenza Geronimo | 27 November 2017

Since 2015, when the first of the Ideas to Impact innovation prizes launched, we have watched as each of the five innovation prizes has stimulated innovative

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Together we create
Innovation Prizes and support to solvers – how much, how little?
Gabrielle Minkley | 09 August 2017

Several of Ideas to Impact’s prizes have moved into their longer, implementation stages where the demands on solvers are higher and the potential for positive

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The benefits of a collaborative approach to a prize Theory of Change
Ideas to Impact Team | 08 May 2017

Classic evaluation thinking, as distinct from monitoring or verification, requires the evaluator to make a systematic and objective assessment of the design,

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Designing Innovation Prizes in Development (video)
Ideas to Impact Team | 12 April 2017

In this short video we hear from the Ideas to Impact Prize Lead, Jonathan Slater, on the different ‘types’ of prizes within the programme and highlights the

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How do we do the right thing with Innovation Inducement Prizes?
Ideas to Impact Team | 12 April 2017

[This post is based on a presentation given by Cheryl Brown, for Ideas to Impact, at the Innovating in Development Learning Event in February 2017.] Is it a

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Getting the balance right for Inducement Prizes for Development
Ideas to Impact Team | 02 February 2017

Under Ideas to Impact, we define an innovation prize as ‘a financial incentive that induces change through competition.’ Unlike funding mechanisms like grants

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How and when should evaluation be brought into innovation prizes
Ideas to Impact Team | 20 December 2016

Previously we shared our thoughts on why prizes for development are interesting for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) practitioners and how evaluating them

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Ask more
Why innovation prizes for development are interesting to evaluate
Ideas to Impact Team | 08 August 2016

Do innovation prizes work in development? What is their value and use, especially compared to other forms of funding? What pitfalls and dilemmas might prize

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