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Interview: Getting to know Weircapacity, Dreampipe third winner
Lorenza Geronimo | 19 October 2018

The Dreampipe Challenge closed in May 2018 with the announcement of four winners. They have delivered demonstration projects to tackle non-revenue water (NRW

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Spotlight on the 10 finalists of the UK Aid-funded Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge
Ideas to Impact Team | 02 October 2018

In August, we announced the organisations shortlisted for the second stage of the Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC), which is funded by UK Aid delivered by

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Insights from the Climate Information Prize in Kenya
Ideas to Impact Team | 28 September 2018

The UK Aid-funded Climate Information Prize (CIP) will close in November with the announcement of the winner of up to $200,000. As of now, we have shortlisted

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Expanding the reach of climate change adaptation initiatives in Nepal (VIDEO)
Ideas to Impact Team | 11 September 2018

In Nepal, there is no shortage of community-driven initiatives to respond to real and expected climate change risks. However, they are often limited to one

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Field testing
The difference fridges make to African businesses
Lorenza Geronimo | 20 August 2018

‘I used to sell only 2 sodas a day, now I can sell on average over 20’. This statement summarises the experience of Joseph, an entrepreneur who lives in

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Pilots map
What is Frontier Technology Livestreaming?
Lorenza Geronimo | 30 July 2018

Frontier Technology Livestreaming is helping UKAid apply frontier technologies to the biggest challenges in development. We work with Department for

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Climate Change Adaptation and Innovation Prizes with Madhav Karki (PODCAST)
Ideas to Impact Team | 20 July 2018

Within Ideas to Impact, the Adaptation at Scale prize uses financial incentives, in the form of cash awards, to stimulate and sustain transformational change

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Solar panels
What’s new on the energy front?
Lorenza Geronimo | 12 June 2018

The last few months have seen a renewed interest in the energy theme, with flagship gatherings taking place in Africa and Europe to share learning about

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Sam Owilly (third from left) took the first place in the Wazo Prize.
What will Ideas to Impact’s Evaluation team know about prizes by 2020?
Ideas to Impact Team | 21 May 2018

Ideas to Impact’s evaluators from Itad have been refocusing their prize evaluation plans. In this post, they explain what they hope to be reporting on when the

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Wazo Prize winner
Can prizes stimulate innovation in climate information services for the most vulnerable?
Ideas to Impact Team | 10 May 2018

This blog post was authored by Ideas to Impact team members Lars Otto Naess, Nicki Spence and Lorenza Geronimo and was originally published by Climatelinks, a

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Can an innovation prize reduce water losses?
Lorenza Geronimo | 02 May 2018

In this blog post, we take stock of the Dreampipe Challenge, the innovation prize run by Ideas to Impact to increase water security and revenue for utilities

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Making solar-powered refrigeration a reality
Lorenza Geronimo | 16 April 2018

In late January, the Global LEAP Awards Off-Grid Refrigerator Competition, which is part of the UK Aid-funded Ideas to Impact programme, announced the winners 

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