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What we do?

Funded by UK Aid, Ideas to Impact is an action-research programme designing, implementing and testing innovation prizes, to induce innovative solutions to development challenges in Climate Change Adaptation, Energy Access and WASH.

We have launched five different innovation prizes in Ghana, Kenya, Nepal and globally (DFID priority countries).

A key element of the programme is testing, researching and learning about innovation prizes for development. We are sharing this learning through learning briefs, papers, blogs and other learning materials.

Prize Themes

Ideas to Impact has designed and are implementing two WASH focused innovation prizes, the Sanitation Challenge for Ghana and the non-revenue water focused prize, Dreampipe II. To learn more about the prizes and why we chose these WASH challenges...
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Energy Access is another key theme for Ideas to Impacts innovation prizes, designing and implementing the Cylinder Prize and the Global LEAP Awards. To learn more about the prizes and Energy Access...
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Climate Change Adaptation is a key theme for Ideas to Impact, designing and implementing two innovation prizes around the theme. Adaptation at Scale prize in Nepal and Climate Information Prize in Kenya, both induce innovative climate change adaptation. To learn more about the prizes and Climate Change Adaptation...
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latest news

10 innovative tech companies receive £10,000 each in UK Aid-funded Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge
Lorenza Geronimo | 03 August 2018

We are excited to announce the ten finalists of the Global LEAP Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge (OGCCC), which is funded by UK aid delivered by the Department

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Dreampipe II winner
Dreampipe Challenge - Phase II winners announced
Lorenza Geronimo | 21 May 2018

On 9 May 2018, within the International Water Association’s Water Loss Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the winners of the Dreampipe Challenge were

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UK Aid-funded competition to stimulate off-grid cold chain technology launched
Lorenza Geronimo | 28 March 2018

The Off-Grid Cold Chain Challenge aims to identify and promote the world’s best and most energy-efficient off-grid cold chain technology.   Yesterday in

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Latest Blog

Pilots map
What is Frontier Technology Livestreaming?
Lorenza Geronimo | 30 July 2018

Frontier Technology Livestreaming is helping UKAid apply frontier technologies to the biggest challenges in development. We work with Department for

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Climate Change Adaptation and Innovation Prizes with Madhav Karki (PODCAST)
Ideas to Impact Team | 20 July 2018

Within Ideas to Impact, the Adaptation at Scale prize uses financial incentives, in the form of cash awards, to stimulate and sustain transformational change

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Solar panels
What’s new on the energy front?
Lorenza Geronimo | 12 June 2018

The last few months have seen a renewed interest in the energy theme, with flagship gatherings taking place in Africa and Europe to share learning about

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